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Manufacture of excavators and loaders for agriculture, industry and forest

The experience in the production of excavators and loaders for agriculture, industry and forest by Negrisolo srl is a story that started 70 years ago. In these years Negrisolo has become the reliable partner of numerous customers, with productions entirely made in Italy and able to offer a careful pre-sale service, a specialized technical service and a continuous after-sales assistance for each product.

We are and we will always be at your side to provide advice on the most useful machines for your specific needs, custom designed by the technical service and able to be useful to your needs.

The spare parts warehouse of Negrisolo srl is always supplied to guarantee quick response times to maintenance or emergencies and is equipped with a technique capable of providing a precise, responsive and efficient assistance service.


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80 customizable models
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The most important part of our job is not to design or build, but to listen to the needs of our customers.

From time to time we create machines capable of fully responding to the actual market demands, through a careful evaluation process.

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